Plot #6: The Growing I’ve Missed

plot 6 looking north, june 2015We came home from Japan and it was more than a week before we made it to see the garden! I know that sounds crazy, but I was deep in the fog of jet lag and any time I was awake, it seemed to be raining. When we finally made it over, we were amazed at how big our plants had grown. We even had a few things to harvest! Pictured above is the plot (looking north). You can see that I never did fill those four square feet I had left. But the good news is, I have two tomato seedlings on my balcony that have grown like gangbusters and will be transplanted this weekend. daikon, plot 6We finally thinned our daikon enough for them to grow into respectably-sized vegetables! I was only able to harvest two, but the others are growing nicely in their square. None of the beets were ready though, much to my disappointment. first tomatoes, plot 6 first tomatoes, plot 6Our Juliet has some nice green tomatoes and the Sweet 100 has some, too! plot 6 looking south, june 2015On the north end of the garden, the peas are going crazy and I have four edamame plants, a crazy square of cucumber plants (too many for one square!), and two volunteer tomatoes (to be transplanted soon). I reserved one square for a loofah plant that I started on the balcony. It’s looking good, but I’ve read that loofah aren’t good as transplants. I’m going to try it anyway and hope for the best. first harvest 2015, plot 6

One of my goals this growing season is to weigh our harvests so at the end of the season we can get an idea of how many pounds of produce we are eating from our garden. This was our first harvest: lots of komatsuna lettuce and some radishes.

It feels good to be back in the garden again!

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5 thoughts on “Plot #6: The Growing I’ve Missed

  1. naoto says:

    I am thrilled to try my daikon with soy sauce tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Julia Monroe says:

    Your garden is doing wonderful!

  3. Mom says:

    Looking good. Glad you can start eating fresh produce!

  4. Cindy R. says:

    Wow, looks like you’ve got lots of good stuff growing!

  5. […] I mentioned way back in this post, I have been weighing my harvests all summer. I totaled up all of the records that have been […]

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