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Forest Park Casket Races 2014

Forest Park Casket Races 2014The Forest Park 3rd Annual Casket Races were held on Saturday and they were wickedly fun! It was the perfect day–cool and crisp and sunny. And look at those leaves! Forest Park Casket Races 2014We found a good seat on the curb kind of in the middle of the “track” and had a great time seeing the funny costumes and caskets. My favorites were the guys above, who all dressed like The Count from Sesame Street. (Although, I do believe those giant heads cost them the race…not very aerodynamic.) Forest Park Casket Races 2014 Forest Park Casket Races 2014I also loved this Weekend At Bernie’s themed casket. (The second picture shows them carrying Bernie during the post-race casket parade.)Forest Park Casket Races 2014The Forest Park Library got into the action with zombie librarians. Forest Park Casket Races 2014And the Kiwanis raced a peanut casket.

I love that this happens in Forest Park!

(To see last year’s Casket Races, go here.)

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Spooky Saturday: Casket Races

casket racesLast Saturday, Forest Park hosted its second annual Casket Races. Forest Park is sometimes known as the “village of cemeteries”–our dead-to-living ratio is 30 to 1–so it is only fitting that we have a race of caskets as a fairly new annual Halloween tradition. Basically, contestants build a “casket” (or a casket-like car) and one person rides in the casket while the other four “pall bearers” push it down the block. It was a super-fast moving race (in most cases), but the best part was checking out the different designs and costumes of each team. I love events like these, especially when regular people, organizations and businesses take part and create awesomely themed “caskets”. casket racesThe casket above is made from a refrigerator…it totally lost (refrigerators have way too much drag to be real contenders!) but coming from an appliance store (Grand on Madison) it was the perfect casket for the race. Blackhawks at the Casket RacesThis one was my personal favorite…the Stanley Cup casket was brilliant. McCaffery's Casket Race entryThe Grateful Dead casket was an entry from a local bar, McGaffer’s. Their runners were decked out in tie-dye, of course. The ice cream “trough” casket (peeking out from behind the Dead casket) was from Brown Cow Ice Cream Shop.
spookiest casket, casket racesThis team won for Spookiest Casket for the second year in a row. There were also trophies for first, second and last place, as well as funniest and coolest caskets. Casket Race AwardsIf I owned a local business, I would totally be taking a part in this community event. As a matter of fact, I think I might have to encourage my fellow community gardeners to participate next year. How fun would a garden vegetable themed casket be?

(For more–and better–pictures, check out the Forest Park Review’s article here!)

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My Trader Joe’s Guy

It’s that time of the year again–the scarecrows have invaded Forest Park. I finally finished mine last week–Trader Joe’s Guy is now standing in front of my house, startling me every time I look out the window.

Here he is with the REAL deal. Naoto got a kick out of him. I was pretty proud of my bag of groceries, which was made from leftover packaging of things we ate that week. I secured everything with packing tape, so hopefully we don’t create a trash issue on our block!

There are so many great scarecrows around Forest Park. You can find a map here (the link will only be available for October.) I’ve share a few on Instagram already, but I’m hoping to get out this weekend to see some more. This weekend is the Casket Races and it’s supposed to be in the 70s, so I’m looking forward to a last hurrah of nice weather in my charming little Halloween village.

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Spooky Saturday: Halloween Letter Social

Royal typewriterLast Saturday was Halloween themed. After the Casket Races on Saturday morning, I went to a Halloween Letter Social at Pieritz Bros. The Letter Writers Alliance once again teamed up with everyone’s favorite office supply store to host letter writing and typewriter typing. I used that festive orange number up above…it typed like a dream in a lovely cursive and I was able to crank out three letters during the social. LWA Letter Socialinks at Pieritz BrosThanks to the Halloween Mail Art Workshop, the Letter Social, and a letter writing cram session on Monday morning, I have almost caught up on my correspondence. Almost. Halloween Mail ArtHalloween Mail ArtHalloween Mail ArtI used some of my vintage postage, but I really loved the look of the Johnny Cash stamp on the black envelopes.

It feels good to be participating in the world of mail again. Presley on mail

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