Cocktail Perfected: Lychee Valentine

Lychee liqueur and proseccoWhen we decided to host Peggy and Ken for our first dinner party, I went to work thinking up a fun cocktail to serve. I wanted to make something with the lychee liqueur but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to serve the CAP Cocktail again. So I decided it might be fun to try lychee and cava. Peggy loved it, and so did I. Actually, there’s a plan to whip some up again on Friday night..anyone game?

I named the cocktail the Lychee Valentine because lychees are supposedly one of the world’s most romantic fruits. Apparently they were used by an emperor in ancient China to woo his concubine…if that doesn’t scream romance, what does?

lychee cava cocktailThe best part of the cocktail is that when you put the lychee fruit at the bottom of the glass, it collects the cava bubbles a bit and they sort of explode out of it. Super festive…

Lychee Valentine

1-2 Tablespoons Lychee Liqueur (Soho is our favorite.)

Cava (We love Albero Cava from Trader Joe’s for sparkling cocktails, but you can use any sparkling wine you like.)

canned lychee fruit (found at Asian grocery stores, like Mitsuwa in Chicago)

In a champagne flute, drop in one lychee fruit. Add 1-2 tablespoons lychee liqueur (depending on how sweet you like your cocktail). Fill the rest of the glass with cava.

Enjoy on a cold, snowy night with friends or a romantic evening with your Valentine.

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2 thoughts on “Cocktail Perfected: Lychee Valentine

  1. Mom says:

    Looks refreshing! Do you think it is something I would enjoy?

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