this is why i love geraniums

There have been many losses in the garden this year…the over-watered geraniums (the pot wasn’t draining properly), the under-watered Japanese shiso, the non-producing tomato plant and under-producing mint plant…so much sadness. I blame it a little bit on the dry weather, but mostly, it’s me. I didn’t water it enough.  But there has been one success with the garden–the sad peachy pink geranium above.

This geranium is two years old and it lived in our spare room (that faces north but gets limited sun thanks to the tree and the building next door) over the winter. When I brought it out, the poor geranium was a pale green single stalk with one tired leaf. I threw it in this hanging pot with my ivy geranium (the pink one), some filler and some petunias (which were another garden casualty this year). I didn’t have much hope for the little guy, but look at it now! It’s flowering and it has a new little branch coming from the bottom! So maybe the garden wasn’t such a huge failure this year after all…

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5 thoughts on “this is why i love geraniums

  1. cath says:

    I do recognise the feeling of ‘just’ one flower making one very happy, it looks both frail and strong to me.

  2. Mom says:

    I hope it continues to do well in this down pour. Glad you have some flowers & not just green leaves.

  3. […] you remember this geranium from last year? Well, it’s back outside again this spring–it’s the tall, […]

  4. […] amazing and full and lush, while most of the others have suffered a bit in our heat lately. My old geranium is still going strong. I really weeded through my geraniums this winter and kept the strongest […]

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