happy hour

Yes, another post about a cocktail enjoyed our balcony on a summer evening. Sorry. I can only blog what I know.

It seems, on the nights Naoto comes home early, I can only think of making a refreshing cocktail and enjoying some good outdoor time with him. Last night we made The Royal Martini from the Leopold Bros website. It turns out, that their version of a Royal Martini is not the “real” Royal Martini, but we enjoyed it anyway.

1 1/4oz gin (We like Clearheart.)

3/4oz Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur (Leopold Bros.  I suppose you could use any cherry liqueur, but I’m sticking with what I know!)

Shake with ice until chilled and pour into a cocktail glass. Enjoy outside on a mild summer night, with cheese & crackers.

One thought on “happy hour

  1. Mom says:

    The Tom Collins looked more refreshing. Glad you are getting to enjoy some time together on the balcony.

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