summer manifesto

This summer I will:

* eat watermelon

* dine outside (whenever possible)

* read outside every morning (aka turn off the Today Show and go outside…and reading of blogs doesn’t count!)

* find the ice cream truck at least once (We found one in Iowa last weekend and a Bomb Pop has never tasted better!)

* tend to my garden daily (no dying plants in September!)

* raise mint & basil for drinks and dinners

* try 3 “classic” cocktails (1 down with my Tom Collins last weekend!)

* learn to use my new camera (my class starts July 2nd!)

* take walks with my new camera & PRACTICE

* host a little “salad party” for our friend/neighbor Karen

* document summer & FINISH my summer minibook

* wear sunscreen & sunhats when I’m outside

* start & finish our master bathroom remodel

* finish the living room

SO excited for summer. SO excited to get some things done AND relax a little bit too. What about you? What is on your summer manifesto?

9 thoughts on “summer manifesto

  1. I don’t know what my summer manifesto is, but now I want to make one! The summer is so deliciously full of possibilities.

  2. Hubster says:

    Wow, that is pretty good one. I would love to try a Tom Collins maybe on Saturday?

  3. Mom says:

    Sounds like a busy summer. Know you will enjoy doing all of it. Of course the best part will be marking everything done!

  4. Meryl says:

    I’m having the darndest time finding mint seed. I don’t want to pay for plants, but buying the little packages at the store is getting a bit much. (Perhaps I need to have less drinks to garnish, yes? LOL.)

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  6. […] It’s been a really dry summer. It’s been bad for farmers, bad for gardeners, bad for people who love green grass…and bad for people like me–people who love rainy nights. Last night we got the best steady, heavy rain, so I poured a glass of wine and sat out on the balcony for a bit. It was damp and chilly enough that I could curl up in a blanket. The cool air reminded me that fall is coming and these warm summer days are numbered yet again…time to check off the last few items of that summer manifesto! […]

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